• Apple Enabling Previous Versions of Mac App Store Apps on Older OS X Machines

    In mid-September, Apple gave users of older iOS devices the ability to download the latest compatible versions of applications for their iOS devices from the App Store. This feature was implemented so that those unable to run the latest operating system wouldn't be left out in being able to install certain App Store applications. Instead, they could install an earlier version of the application that could run on the older device with the older version of the operating system.

    On Tuesday, Apple launched OS X Mavericks, and as we would expect, it doesn’t run on every single Mac Apple has ever released. To help remedy this situation, Apple is launching a new feature for the Mac App Store that does a similar function to the latest compatible version feature for the iOS App Store.

    Apple explains the feature in an e-mail, via MacRumors, to developers:

    Users who have already purchased your Mac app are now able to download previous versions, allowing them to use your app with Macs that may no longer be supported by OS X Mavericks.

    If you do not want previous versions of your app to be available for download as a previous purchase, for example due to a usability or legal issue, you can manage their availability in the Rights and Pricing section of the Manage Your Apps module on iTunes Connect. To exclude a specific version, click “Manage iCloud download settings for this app.” For more information on managing previous versions, see the iTunes Connect Developer Guide or contact us.
    Developers can ultimately choose whether or not they want to allow users to download older versions of their applications. Some developers may want to allow this feature so that those stuck on older operating systems can use their applications, but developers may opt out of this feature because they can’t support legacy software, and it might not be as stable or reliable as the latest version.

    The new feature gives users more flexibility in their devices, both old and new.

    Sources: MacRumors
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