• Apple Posts Videos for its iPad Air Including a New TV Spot

    Apple recently posted three videos that were previously included in iPad’s media event on October 22. The videos show the company’s iPads at work around the world, the design process behind the new iPad Air and its first TV commercial.

    The first video titled “Life on iPad” depicts users around the world interacting with Apple’s iPad, using it in situations where a conventional PC would make little sense. This video seems to go with the flow of many of Apple’s ad campaigns. It provides convincing evidence supporting Apple’s concept of what mobile computing is all about. Particularly that it doesn’t need to involve a need for brand-name productivity apps such as Microsoft’s Office, nor a multi-position kickstand or a keyboard for that matter.

    The second video titled “Introducing iPad Air,” presents Apple’s head designer, Jony Ive, describing the new iPad Air and the years of work “required to design and engineer the primary technologies that would be necessary to make it.” The video highlights the production of the device and shows it during some of its general usage.

    Last but not least, the third video which was recently posted is the first television spot for the new product. It appears to focus on a pencil, showcasing some of the physical traits of the device. Interestingly enough, it was narrated by the star of the TV series Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston.

    Source: Apple (YouTube) (1) (2) (3)
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    1. twigwonderkid's Avatar
      twigwonderkid -
      Ok very nice. But "show me"
      Great slick , tight, ads , with lovely pictures. But if you actually produced an add showing how to write a document and how easy it is. Or make a spreadsheet , or a presentation, you might actually get folks to "really" move off a pc
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