• Vine iOS App Updated With Cool New 'Time Travel' and 'Session' Features

    On Thursday, the popular free Vine video sharing and social networking application was updated to version 1.4 adding a few cool new features that users can take advantage of in the video posts that they create.

    One of the new features is called Time Travel, and this feature allows users to take multiple video segments and then edit or even re-arrange the video segments to their liking before their device is actually posted. This feature is called Time Travel for obvious reasons, as you could actually re-arrange the video segments so that something that happened later appears before something that happened earlier in the video. You can tap the green bar while shooting, or the edit button while previewing your video, to use this feature.

    In addition, Vine is introducing a new feature called Sessions. With this feature, users can take video segments and save them for later use in another video. Vine notes that users can have up to 10 sessions at once, and that you can access sessions from the new button at the bottom right of the Camera interface.

    These new features are expected to spark all kinds of new creativity in the Vine application. Existing users of the application can find the update under the Updates tab in the App Store. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Vine for iOS for free from this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store via Vine
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