• 1 in 4 E-Reader Owners Wish They'd Waited for iPad

    In potentially very good news for Apple, 27% of people who recently bought an e-reader say that they wish they had waited and bought an iPad instead, according to a new survey by market research firm ChangeWave. Less than half would stick with their recent purchase, but thirty percent were unsure, which may be an indication that sales of the iPad may skyrocket if early reviews are positive and people have fun playing with friends' iPads. But initial sales are quite likely to be slow: most potential iPad buyers surveyed said they'd wait at least a few months before getting one.

    One of the big questions on market researchers' minds - a question that is also probably keeping the top brass at Apple awake at night - is how many people will want to buy this new device. Many consumers are still unclear on just what an iPad is (an e-reader? a keyboardless web browser? a touchscreen video player?) or why they would want one. So ChangeWave chose one of these markets - e-book readers - to gauge consumer interest. Looking at people who said they wanted to get an e-reader in the next three months, 40% said they planned to buy an iPad, with only 28% saying they wanted a Kindle, and a mere 6% looking at the Nook. Only 1% of those surveyed said they planned to buy a Sony Reader.

    However, most users who expect to buy the iPad say they want to use it for web browsing rather than e-book reading. 68% say they are getting it to surf the web, 44% say they'll use the iPad to check their email, with only 37% of likely buyers planning to read e-books. 28% say they'll use the iPad to read magazines and newspapers, and 24% will watch video.

    Though just 13% of survey respondents said they were somewhat or very likely to buy an iPad, ChangeWave compared these numbers to a similar survey they did before the iPhone was launched, and found that there is more interest in the iPad than there was in the iPhone. Back in April 2007, two months before the first iPhone was released, just 9% of respondents said they were somewhat or very likely to buy one. That could be a very good sign that the market is ready for Apple's new device, since there was no question about what the iPhone was or why you'd want one; and furthermore the initial price of the iPhone was pretty high.

    However, most likely buyers are taking a wait-and-see attitude: just 16% say they'll buy within the first month; 20% will wait two or three months, and 23% will wait four to six months. 8% of respondents say that they would wait more than a year.
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