• Facebook Confirms Plans to Redesign Messenger Apps, Plans to Add New Features

    On Tuesday, details about Facebook’s plans for an upcoming update to the Facebook Messenger application have surfaced. We originally found out about Facebook’s plans to update the Facebook messenger application’s interface in the middle of October, although no precise details were shared at the time.

    Today’s report, via The Verge, confirms Facebook is planning a complete redesign of the application. Above, you can see what Facebook Messenger will look like on an Android device, with its flatter interface and use of bolder colors. The circular Facebook pictures, along with the flatter interface and bolder colors gives the application an iOS 7-friendly appearance.

    Apart from the user interface redesign, some new features are also being implemented. For example, the Facebook team notes that the application will be getting speed improvements for sending and receiving messages to and from your Facebook friends, and that users will be able to use their phone number as a way of being identified by friends and non-friends.

    Both the iOS and Android versions of this redesigned Facebook Messenger application are expected to go public in the weeks to come. An update to the all-in-one Facebook application will also be receiving an update in the near future with some additional features.

    Sources: The Verge
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