• Apple Shows Off New iPad Commercial During The Oscars

    For those of you watching the Oscars sunday night, you may have notice that Apple released a brand new iPad to hype up it's release on April 3rd. It's your typical Apple commercial with an nice indie tune to feel hip. The song is "There Goes My Love" by The Blue Van. Catchy as usual, and the entire ad has no voice overs.

    The commercial snaps through a few people sitting in "comfortable" positions, playing around with the iPad, not doing anything constructive really. There was the odd Calendar and a Document in there, but not much was really shown other than the basic features of Apple's iPhone OS.

    The ad goes on with the song ending in "Love Love Love" while April 3rd is shown on the screen. Yeah Apple, we'll see how much people "love" your giant iPhone. It's obvious they are trying pretty hard to get the attention the iPad will need.

    [Official Apple Commercial]

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