• No Widget Mode On Tap for the iPad

    For several weeks there has been talk in tech circles that a plethora of small, but familiar iPhone applications absent from the iPad could still turn up in via a secret "widget mode." Dashing the hopes of some that such standard offerings as "weather," "clock," and "calculator" could still manifest on the much-awaited tablet, today Daring Fireball's John Gruber set the record straight.

    According to Gruber's sources, it doesn't appear that such rumors of a widget mode are true. Gruber, in fact, puts it bluntly:

    There is, alas, no secret "widget" mode for iPad in OS 3.2
    If sources are to be believed, Steve Jobs was personally dissatisfied with how these apps performed on the much larger iPad screen and, consequently, dropped their inclusion on the tablet. The scenario speaks to the concerns expressed by many - concerns that some awesome utility and gaming apps for the iPhone will just seem out of place or downright awkward on the iPad's jumbo screen.

    While no one can yet rule out the possibility of the iPhone's most basic or generic apps turning up on the iPad later this year via OS 4.0, for now, we're dealing with all that we have to work with. And, sadly, that means no "Widget Mode" will be at our disposal when the iPad reaches consumers on April 3rd.

    Iím not saying itís a mistake that Apple is allowing the iPad to run iPhone apps. Iím just saying that the iPad is not a big iPhone.
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