• Promo Found in App Store Points Toward a Redesigned "Remote" App Coming Soon

    A banner advertisement seems to have been spotted on Apple’s Colombian iTunes Store showing what appears to be a redesigned icon for Apple’s Remote iOS app, hinting that the popular title may soon see an iOS 7-style refresh. The ad tile has been showing up “occasionally” in the OS X iTunes Store for Colombia, according to 9to5Mac, suggesting Apple is planning to release a redesigned version of the app.

    Although it isn’t hard evidence of a Remote refresh, the ad’s icon matches a graphical asset displayed in the latest version of iTunes when linking a new remote control device.

    For those of you who didn’t already know, Apple’s remote has been well-received since its launch in 2008. The latest version of the app was last updated in 2012, when Up Next was introduced as an easier way to manage playlists on a host computer. This iteration also brought a few design tweaks but the next-gen Remote app will likely be overhauled to match iOS 7’s clean new look.

    Those of you interested in downloading remote in its current iteration can do so from the iOS App Store.

    Source: Apple via 9to5Mac
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    1. Breezy215's Avatar
      Breezy215 -
      I'll be very happy when they update this app. I use it everyday to navigate my Apple TV. Right now on iOS 7, though it still works, it does tend to crash if you do anything else on your phone and come back to that app. A minor bug, but still...
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