• Survey reveals the iPad Air as being a Popular Upgrade for iPad 2 Owners

    Although Apple didn’t offer official sales figures of the thinner and lighter fifth-gen iPad Air, a survey of launch weekend buyers as well as online tracking data offers some idea of how well the company’s latest flagship tablet is performing after three days of availability. Analyst Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald polled 106 buyers at Apple retail stores in New York City. Among the early adopters, 73% were upgrading from older iPad models, while the rest of them were new to Apple’s iPad platform.

    The biggest portion of the iPad Air upgraders were those who already owned an iPad 2, representing 31% of respondents. Another 18% of those who were surveyed were transitioning from the third-gen iPad, while 16% had owned the first-gen iPad. The poll also found that most launch-day buyers, 64%, preferred the white and silver model over the space gray. Unsurprisingly, the entry-level 16 GB capacity also proved to be the most popular with 60% of the respondents indicating it was their purchase.

    Surprisingly, White’s survey also found a strong demand for Apple’s recently discounted first-gen iPad mini, which is now available for $299. The mobile analytics research firm, which has been tracking online usage of data of the iPad Air since it went on sale found that usage of the new iPad Air is significantly higher than that of the fourth-gen iPad after the same amount of time last year. After three days of availability, the iPad Air represents 0.74% of all active iPads tracked by Fiksu. At the same point in time last year, the fourth-gen iPad was at just 0.15%.

    The data helps paint a picture of launch weekend from which Apple has apparently declined to give specific sales data. In Contrast, last year, Apple debuted both the iPad mini and the fourth-gen iPad on the same day, announcing that they had both reached 3 million units with both devices in their first three days. This year’s silence likely comes from the fact that the iPad Air launched alone, while the second-gen iPad mini with Retina display is set to become available later this month. The Cupertino California company elected to not detail sales figures on specific product models citing competitive reasons.

    Did you buy an iPad Air? If so, which model did you get?

    Source: Cantor Fitzgerald, Fiksu via AppleInsider
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    1. Magnum's Avatar
      Magnum -
      Omg no way!? The upgraded iPad is a popular upgrade for the older iPad owners? That's crazy! -_-
    1. Charlymanson's Avatar
      Charlymanson -
      Not sure why this is surprising.

      Has happened with any model, iPhone or iPad after a 4rth or 5th generation comes out.
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