• Google Search iOS App Gets Major Update

    On Tuesday, the highly popular Google Search application for iOS has been updated to version 3.1.0 with a large number of new features and improvements. Google Search is the main application that Google offers to users via the App Store, which can be used to search the Web for information, and can even be used as a hub for all of your Google-branded applications.

    In Tuesday’s update, Google has added push notifications, reminders, hands-free voice, and new cards.

    The new push notifications will appear on your lock screen, in Notification Center, and even as banners to alert you of upcoming events before you actually open the Google Search application to check for what's coming up for yourself. Google notes that the notifications vary from telling you when you need to get ready to go somewhere, whether you have a late flight, and even how to get home.

    With reminders, you can have the Google Search application remind you of events similarly to the way Siri can. You can ask Google Now to remind you to do something, and by the time it's time to do what you wanted to be reminded of, Google Now will remind you of your reminder. The new cards feature will let you organize all of your boarding passes, tickets, reservations, and more.

    The hands-free voice functionality makes it so that while you're in the Google Search application, you can say, "OK Google" to begin saying a command. Without having to constantly tap a button in between each command, Google Search now feels even more fluid.

    Google Search has been given a refreshed look and feel, as well as zooming gestures, one-touch sign-in, and more. You can check out Google's new video below showing off the application's update:

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the video link below:

    YouTube Video

    Sources: App Store
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    Comments 3 Comments
    1. rickuk's Avatar
      rickuk -
      Loving this update and OK Google understands me so much better than Siri
    1. Evaded's Avatar
      Evaded -
      Great update! Works just as well as Siri in my opinion. Haven't really had an issue with Siri not understanding me. Only with large amounts of background noise.
    1. Bloodwork's Avatar
      Bloodwork -
      Great update for google search but I never really use it anyway. Still waiting for the modmyi app to be updated to version 2.0. Please give us the iOS 7 make-over.
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