• Philips Announces a Trio of Bulbs Joining its Family of Connected LED Hue Bulbs

    Philips recently announced a new trio of bulbs joining its family of connected LED Hue bulbs: the BR30 downlight, the GU10 spot light and the Disney Imaginative Lightning StoryLight.

    The HUE BR30 is designed for North American homes with ceiling downlights or flood lights. The new Hue bulbs are to be screwed into accent lighting, spot and downlight fixtures for more personalized lighting options. Similar to the original A19 Hue bulbs, the BR30 model delivers over 16 million ways to color users’ homes when controlled through Philips’ official iPhone app. The BR30s also sport high-quality tunable white light with up to 80% energy savings when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

    It’s counterpart for Europe appears to be the Hue G10 spot light, suitable for recessed spot light fixtures with depth over 85 millimeters. The new bulbs can be brought individually to add to an existing system or in a three-pack with a Hue bridge, which is required to connect and control the bulbs to a user’s home wireless network.

    Last but not least, Philips announced a new expansion of the Hue lineup with Disney, branded StoryLight. The new bulbs accessories features similar features to the recently released LivingColors Bloom accessory, which can be plugged in and placed anywhere without the need for a light socket. StoryLight brings Hue into children's bedrooms and paired up with a dedicated, separate application that connects colored lights to the narrative of specially created Disney e-books. According to Filip Jan Depauw, Senior Director of Philips Lighting:

    The future of light is digital, and building on our 122 years of heritage in lighting, we are leading the way by offering people a new way to experience light way beyond just 'on/off' or dimming that they've been used to until now.

    By expanding the hue family, both in terms of bulb types, availability and features, we want to give more people the opportunity to use light more actively and meaningfully in their everyday lives and to create personalized experiences which provide so much more - light that can actually enhance how you live. With hue we provide you with the tools to personalize your lighting just the way you want it and wherever you want it, so that now you really can light your life.
    Those of you interested in purchasing Philips Hue bulbs can do so through Apple retail stores, Apple’s website and through authorized resellers such as Amazon. The BR30 downlights are now available for purchase in North America, while the GU10 spot lights are available in Europe. Philips Hue StoryLight is also available in North America, the U.K., Sweden, and the Netherlands.

    Source: Philips Hue
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    1. politicalslug's Avatar
      politicalslug -
      You failed to mention how a three pack of lightbulbs costs $200. That's bat-sh!t insane.
    1. Breezy215's Avatar
      Breezy215 -
      Quote Originally Posted by politicalslug View Post
      You failed to mention how a three pack of lightbulbs costs $200. That's bat-sh!t insane.
      Exactly! Smh I was waiting to see if they were going to mention the astronomical price... nope.
    1. TT KH's Avatar
      TT KH -
      Love it, but you're right about the price and I think is worth it.
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