• Pebble Announces iOS 7 Notification Support along with Several New Partnerships

    Pebble, the smart watch maker, recently announced support for notifications in Apple’s iOS 7 platform as well as a new software development kit and new partnerships with Foursquare, Yelp, iControl, and GoPro. With a new software update announced by Pebble, users of the wrist-worn device will receive fully integrated support from iOS 7, including seamless operation with Notification Center. This means any notifications enabled in Notification Center will appear on a user’s Pebble including Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flipboard and more.

    The functionality is set to come with a new iOS application which is currently under review by Apple, but is expected to launch in the App Store in the near future. Pebble also announced a new software development kit, dubbed version 2.0, which it says will make it easier for developers to make their own Pebble-compatible applications. The SDK includes access to four new application programming interfaces for developers: Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging and Persistent Storage.

    According to the company, the new APIs will allow developers to create apps that can interface directly with the web, such as real-time weather or transit information. By utilizing the accelerometer, developers can enable apps to offer health and fitness monitoring, and even log data when disconnected from the phone. Furthermore, the company also promised that “amazing” new watch apps are in the works from a number of partners. Companies highlighted by Pebble were Foursquare, Yelp, GoPro and iControl. No further details or release information was offered.

    Last but not least, Pebble revealed it has sold 190,000 smart watches to date and 2 million apps and faces for the platform have already been downloaded. There are more than 50 companion apps available on the iOS App Store and Google Play and more than 10,000 developers support the platform.

    Are any of you Pebble owners excited for what’s to come?

    Source: Pebble (blog)
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    1. morbidpete's Avatar
      morbidpete -
      Very excited for the notifications, just mail and text lost its flair after a few days
    1. hemptation's Avatar
      hemptation -
      Actually I have always loved what my pebble will do. Because I one of those freaks that leaves notifications off on everything I even tied into it with a guy on twitter who claimed pebble offered all this from the get go. "They didn't" I am excited that they are expanding their usability tho. Very smart and useful
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