• Calling All Devs: The iPad Needs You... Now!

    Well, what took so long? That's the question many developers are asking tonight on the heels of Apple's big announcement. This morning, a boatload of devs first began reporting the arrival of an email from Apple clearing the way for iPad app submissions.

    With enticing language inviting developers to be part of the forthcoming grand opening of the iPad App Store, Apple is asking devs to turn in their best iPad apps before March 27th for an initial review so that the App Review Team can provide feedback and ready the app ahead of the launch of the iPad App Store. Developers are required to build their apps using beta 5 of the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK.

    This week on ModMyi, we've covered Apple's ongoing struggles with potential networking and content providers to lay out a wealth of outstanding digital offerings by April 3rd. Along the way, however, more than a few bumps in the road have hindered Apple from lining up the type of deals necessary to give the first wave of iPad users a truly dynamic introduction to the long awaited tablet.

    With a potential "content shortfall" on tap for the iPad - at least in terms of content provided by major multimedia and publishing outlets - Apple is now signaling to devs that their time to shine has come. Apple is ready to open the floodgates. And if the interest measured among developers in recent months proves accurate, there's a good possibility that no one will be thinking about a "content shortfall" once the iPad App Store finally opens.
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