• Supply of iPad Mini With Retina Display is Expected to Be Low for This Holiday Season

    Apple officially launched the iPad Mini with retina display yesterday, and the device has proven to be a very worthwhile upgrade over the original iPad Mini with benchmarks showing up to five times the performance.

    While Apple is working hard to supply as many of these iPad Mini with retina display units as they can, itís expected to be a very arid holiday season for those looking to grab themselves one of the new tablets.

    As 9to5Mac reports, analysts are predicting that Apple will only be able to ship around 2.2 million units in Q4 of 2013. Shipments are expected to see growth in Q1 of 2014 to around 4.5 million units:

    We maintain our iPad mini R shipments forecast of around 2.2mn units for 4Q13. Considering production yield improvement at the supply chain, we forecast shipments will grow 102% QoQ in 1Q14 to 4.5mn units.
    With the iPad Mini with retina display taking the place of the iPhone 5s in scarcity, we would recommend placing your order as soon as possible if you want to get your iPad Mini with retina display any time soon. The longer you wait, the less likely you will get one in time for the holidays. Appleís iPhone 5s just recently started seeing shipment time improvements of 1-2 weeks for all colors and configurations.

    Apple will hopefully continue ramping up its production of the new tablet to catch up with demand in the near future.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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      What's funny is despite Apple trying to be low-key about it's iPad Mini 2 launch, there's just way too much desire and the media was all over it on November 12. Perhaps Apple wants to upsell and have people purchase the iPad Air instead?
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      not surprising
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