• Verizon CFO: iPhone 5 Will Be a 'Global' Device

    Verizon may have inadvertently announced more than just the company's 1st quarter earnings today. Although its unlikely that the "slip" was totally accidental, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo dropped what some are considering a major revelation despite the seemingly logical underpinnings of the announcement.

    On Thursday, the Verizon executive in question made a comment about the forthcoming Apple iPhone 5. According to Shammo, the new iPhone 5 will be a global handset in that Apple will produce only one universally-compatible model for distribution around the globe.

    If Shammo's statement proves correct, the fifth generation iPhone will be capable of roaming on the GSM wireless networks of the world, effectively giving Verizon a level playing field on which it can compete with AT&T. As we all know, the iPhone 4 presently comes in GSM and CDMA versions. The next iPhone update will conceivably bridge the gap and fuse both technologies into one device that can be used virtually anywhere.

    Unfortunately, Verizon, AT&T, and Apple - all of which announced earnings this week - haven't shed light on when this bad boy will finally drop. As it stands, all signs point to an early summer production of the iPhone 5, which will formally reach consumers in late summer, most likely September.

    Source: Mobiledia
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