• Pocket App Updated to 5.0, Looks to be "Smarter and More Dynamic"

    The popular digital content storage, reader and management tool, Pocket, has recently been updated to version 5.0. Pocket, which was formerly known as Read It Later, adds three major features to its latest build with “Highlights,” the app-connected “preferences,” and an overhauled user interface.

    The Highlights feature is reminiscent of content suggestion services offered by apps such as Flipboard, which attempt to personalize a user’s feed by recommending stories they think will be of interest. In Pocket’s case, this content already lives in the app as previously saved items. Instead of browsing through a pile of saved articles, Pocket will surface content based on usage history. It uses algorithms with the app displaying items in four categories: Best of, Trending, Long Reads and Quick Reads. The app adapts to reading patterns and can suggest what content is most suitable for the Highlights section.

    In addition, the feature also creates content discovery by way of dynamic categories filled with items from frequented sites, authors and others. Perhaps the most interesting feature is an external service that connects to other apps. Dubbed “Pocket Preferences,” the feature allows users to integrate their Pocket account with participating websites to share usage patterns. The data can then be used to create dynamically changing customized recommendations list.

    Although Pocket version 5.0 is out now, Highlights is seeing a staggered rollout but should be available to all customers within a few weeks. Further down the road, new features will be added to the service’s web, packaged and Mac apps. Finally, the app features a tweaked UI that grants easy access to commonly used functions with a new sidebar.

    Those of you who are interested in downloading the 21.4 MB app can do so for free from the App Store.

    Source: iTunes via Pocket (blog)
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    1. jOnGarrett's Avatar
      jOnGarrett -
      Pocket is a awesome service. I especially like the way its integrated with Google Chrome.
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