• Another Unofficial Web Tool Tracks Retina iPad Mini Availability in US Apple Stores

    With Apple’s recently released iPad mini with Retina display facing severe supply constraints at launch, a web-based tracking tool is offering in-store pickup availability and has popped up in quite a peculiar place: a website which is dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles. The web tool, which is part of Seaturtle.org’s iDevice Availability Notifier, shows a snapshot of Retina iPad mini availability for a number of Apple Stores across the country in an easy-to-read grid format.

    The grid as of right now is mostly red, which means that the tablet is either sold out or not yet available for in-store pickup. The Wi-Fi models seem to be readily available in some areas, while Wi-Fi + Cellular iterations are extremely limited with only 64 GB models up for grabs at select stores. The site’s inventory checking methods remain unknown at this point though they are likely similar to a website scraping technique that was used by another tracking tool that Apple had forced to shut down last week. The website describes the following:

    Availability of new iPad minis at US Apple Stores based on our latest checks. The number in each grid cell is minutes since that iPad mini/Apple Store combination was last checked. You can click on the cell contents to check current status. Green means it was available at the last check, red means it was not. White means we have not checked that combination (i.e. no one has requested a check of that combination).
    Although it is quite useful, the site has been showing sporadic error messages over the past few hours, though its data appears to be accurate when compared to the Online Apple Store. It should be noted that not all US stores are represented in the graph, which is provided as a public service by the website’s owners.

    As for why the sea turtle-centric site has such a tracker, the site owners explain the following:

    Because we are Apple fanboys and we want to know when our favorite iPhone model will be available! Also, SEATURTLE.ORG runs on Apple products. From the Xserve that powers this website, to the iMac where most of the programming happens, and the iDevices that allow us to keep tabs on the sea turtle world from where ever we are.
    Source: SeaTurtle (Retina iPad Mini Grid)
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      spider_romeo -
      Who cares?
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      Quote Originally Posted by spider_romeo View Post
      Who cares?
      obviously, you do. you clicked, you read, and you commented.
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      You may not but I do as I am retiring my first gen pre-ordered iPad for an iPad mini retina.
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