• iPodMeister Starts Junk for iPad Exchange

    Those of us who have considered renting a small apartment just to house the physical CDs we've accumulated in the last two decades may discover a deal worth looking into from iPodMeister.

    The company famous for trade-ins (your old CDs in exchange for a new iPod, iPhone) is now getting into the business of iPad even-exchanges. And all it requires is a boatload of your digital media. Reputable and secure, iPodMeister has reduced the digital clutter of many in return for a pretty sweet payload. And with the iPad tossed into the mix, its a safe bet that thousands of CDs collecting dust will soon see the light of day yet again.

    Here's how it works (although the criteria is subject to change). 220 CDs will get you an 8GB iPod nano. A 16GB iPad can be yours for 600 CDs. The 64GB model can also be yours... in return for "only" 1,150 CDs. If you're wondering how many CDs will get you a 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, that would be about 1,400 discs.

    If you have all the CDs but not their jewel cases, don't even bother sending in your junk. According to iPodMeister, only CDs in their jewel cases with authentic, original cover art will be accepted because the overseas market is ripe and eager to pay handsomely for the music that dominated the US charts in decades past.

    According to the New York Times, the deal is also invalidated if you send in any promo CDs or albums that aren't the "original." Additionally, as you can imagine, iPodMeister is the ultimate judge, jury, and executioner in deciding what is and isn't "acceptable." If your CD isn't deemed acceptable, not only will it not count toward your bundled give-away, it will also never make it back to you.

    At least the shipping of your collection to iPodMeister is free. Otherwise, for what you would spend on postage for 1400 CDs might not make the "free" iPad so "free" after all.
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