• Another Bizarre Legal Battle to Distract Apple

    Image via Apple Insider

    Maybe the reason it's taking so long for Apple to introduce the new products we're looking for (if not downright "inventing" evidence to further our speculation) is because the folks at Apple are too busy with weird legal battles to focus on the work at hand.

    After settling out of court last week with Eminem's music publisher, we're now learning from our friends at Apple Insider that Apple is challenging Australian-based Woolworths Ltd over their corporate logo - which, if you hadn't noticed, invokes imagery that Apple apparently believes is too close to their own logo.

    Attorneys for Apple have begun a legal response against the largest supermarket chain in Australia over a logo the electronics company says is too similar to its own iconic trademark. Apple, which has a long history of defending its world-famous bitten apple logo, has decided the similarities are a little too close for comfort.
    Apple is concerned that the retailer will begin using the logo on electronic goods and other technologies.

    Apple is reportedly making a big splash "down under" as the company has already presented its argument to IP Australia, the agency that governs trademarks, and asked the organization to reject the trademark application put forth by Woolworths.

    At a time when Palm, for example, would seem like the most obvious aggressor worthy of combat from Apple's legal team, this scuffle with Woolworths has some Apple lovers like myself scratching their heads and astounded by a building effort that, according to numerous published reports today, suggests a substantial investment of time and money by Apple to see this effort through to a successful conclusion.

    Almost one year ago, Apple challenged a Canadian school that used its own apple logo on a storefront with other logos, including Adobe and Microsoft Office, arguing that it could lead to confusion amongst customers expecting one of Apple's stores.
    Hans Hulsbosch, the designer of the Woolworths logo, also seems to think Apple is going a little too far to protect their brand.
    “Based on this logic," Hulsbosch said, "they would have to take action against every fruit-seller."
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