• Already Missing XServe? Active Storage has 'A Solution'

    With Apple's intention to discontinue their XServe line in less than 3 days, enterprise professionals who rely on server versions of Mac OS X are scrambling for solutions. Apple has been redirecting customers towards either their own Mac Mini Server edition or Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server, but for those who need something beefier than those products, Active Storage may be exactly what they're looking for.

    Active Storage was created by former Apple employees who left the company after Apple decided to no longer offer XServe RAID products. The company's website shows a countdown to the end of XServe on its website, along with a product covered by a cloth, which looks a whole lot like something that might resemble an XServe product. 9 to 5 Mac, discussing Active Storage, said that they've heard the product will "run a webmin variant with Darwin" meaning it will most likely run Snow Leopard Server virtually, which they've heard Apple plans to directly support as they discontinue their own high-end server hardware.

    No screen shots are available at this point, and there's still a bit of mystery behind this potentially valuable product. Apparently Apple has been telling enterprise reps "about this for a few months" stating that this will be "go-to" hardware in the near future.

    It had been recently rumored that Enterprise solutions, both hardware and software-based, were on their way out. However with Active Storage, it seems like Apple's server solutions are not dead at all. Be sure to check Active Storage's website when XServe becomes officially discontinued on February 1st.

    Active Storage
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