• MMi at Macworld: McTiVia Brings your Computer Screen to your TV Screen

    The McTiVia booth at Macworld Expo wasnít the flashiest at this yearís show, but it did have one of the most intriguing products there. The McTiVia is a rather unassuming black box that looks like it has a couple of rabbit ears sticking out of it. This device bridges the gap between your Mac and HDTV, by allowing you to use your TV as a Mac monitor, wirelessly. You simply connect the McTiVia to your TV with an HDMI cable and then you can see the content of your Mac on your TV screen.

    The McTiVia works over your local Wi-Fi network and once itís hooked up to the TV you're done. There is nothing to attach to your computer and because it communicates over Wi-Fi, it has the same range as your local network. You can control the computer with an iOS remote app or you can hook up a mouse and keyboard to the USB port on the device.

    If youíve ever wanted to watch internet TV like Hulu on your flat panel TV, with McTiVia, now you can do just that. You can finally relax on your sofa, kick back and watch internet videos on your television without having to worry about paying any monthly fees.

    Apple TV works quite well streaming content from your computer, but so far, itís streaming capabilities are very limited. With McTiVia, there are no limitations to what you can stream. If itís on your computer screen, itís on your TV screen as well.

    Although you can bounce videos from iPhones to iPads and Apple TVís, so far getting internet video onto your HDTV hasnít been an easy feat to accomplish. With a McTiVia device connected to a TV, you can finally watch all the Hulu you want and it canít be blocked either. Now if there was only something good on to watch.

    Source: Awind McTiVia
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