• China Mobile Deal Likely Not Factored Into Apple Guidance

    As MMi reported Tuesday, China Mobile's anticipated decision to carry the iPhone could add as much as $10 billion to Apple's bottom line next year and at least that much every year afterward.

    As shares of AAPL continue to climb daily, investors are optimistic about Apple's fiscal prospects for 2014, especially since the most recent guidance provided in October likely does not take into consideration the China Mobile deal.

    Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray said today that Apple investors could reap the benefits of a huge Apple surge next year if the China Mobile agreement proves as lucrative to Apple as anticipated. Munster is among those who believe that the company could sell upwards of 17 million iPhones to China Mobile customers in 2014.

    "In terms of the mechanics of the 17 million units, it is likely that there would be a proportionally larger chunk of devices sold in the first month or two of the device's availability," Munster speculates. "We also note that if Apple updates the iPhone in the fall, China Mobile would likely get both the new device in addition to the typical pricing changes for existing devices, which could but the iPhone 5c at a more attractive mid-end price."

    Source: Barrons
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