• Amazon Cloud Drive Photos iOS App Updated with Video Uploads and iPad Support

    Amazon recently added support for video uploads in the new iOS version of its Cloud Drive Photos app, which now also natively supports the iPad and iPad mini. The update comes over a year and a half after Amazon first introduced the capability to store videos in its iCloud Drive Photos service via the app’s Android counterpart. The slow progression to introduce the feature on Apple devices seems to indicate how little the company values its iOS customer base for the most part.

    The company quietly released the updated app recently which like the Android version, now supports the ability to upload videos up to 2 GB in size or 20 minutes in length. This is long enough for the majority of personal videos and still a bit longer than YouTube’s default setting of 15 minutes (ahead of account verification). Much like the Android app, those who have turned on Cloud Photos’ Auto-Save functionality in the iOS version will now see support for video uploads as well. This means that both new and existing videos and photos from the iPhone or iPad will be automatically uploaded to Amazon Cloud Drive when the device is connected to Wi-Fi (or Wi-Fi and cellular if you change the settings).

    Amazon seems to have a few other tricks up its sleeve as well, for example a “large upload mode” setting which lets you disable the iOS device’s lock screen in order to allow large uploads (such as your videos) to complete and the ability to switch on an “Auto Save” option which allows progress to continue in the background. In addition, the Settings screen shows an indicator of how much Cloud Drive storage you’ve used with separate colors for files, photos and now videos.

    Those of you interested in trying the free app can do so from the App Store. It should be noted that using the app requires you do have an Amazon account.

    Source: iTunes
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