• Apple Posts Golden Master Release of Xcode 4, Takes it Back Down, May Hint at OS X Lion

    Devs around the web are reporting that earlier this morning, the GM of Xcode 4 was released to devs. There seemed to be one very strange aspect to this download however, the documentation of the GM said it required Mac OS X Lion to run. The release was very quickly pulled right back down, and there's no word when it'll be popping back up.

    Well then, since the only Mac updates available for Mac have been the three beta releases of Snow Leopard 10.6.7, could this be an indication of the release of the first beta release of the next version of Mac OS X, Lion? Clearly this release was an accidental seed by Apple at this time at least, but what remains unclear is whether Apple meant that the GM release required Snow Leopard 10.6.7 or if Xcode 4 will truly require a beta version of Lion to download and run.

    There have been several beta releases of Xcode 4. The first came at Apple's WWDC in June, and subsequent beta releases in July, September, October, November, and just a few weeks ago. The fourth version of Xcode will bring many new features to allow for Apple and iOS application development, particularly a single window user interface. MacRumors points out that major revisions to Xcode usually accompany Mac OS X software releases. With Xcode 3 coming alongside Leopard, and Xcode 3.2 coming alongside Snow Leopard.

    Even though the software is currently unavailable, we can expect the GM for Xcode 4 to come very soon, we'd assume any day now. And maybe, just maybe, we'll see a beta release of Lion along with it.

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