• Qualcomm Announces Gimbal Proximity Beacons to Compete with Apple's iBeacons

    Qualcomm recently announced the launch of its Gimbal proximity beacons which are designed to work very similar to Apple’s own iBeacons. Much like the iBeacons, Qualcomm’s proximity beacons serve as physical Bluetooth access points that interact with apps on iPhones and iPads over Bluetooth LE. Qualcomm’s overall Gimbal platform is billed as a “context aware” proximity platform, which reportedly allows brands to deliver information to customers based on physical location, activity, time and personal interests. The following was mentioned regarding the matter:

    Gimbal helps increase the relevance of content delivered to end users' devices, filtering out the irrelevant and offering more personalized experiences, thereby allowing retailers, venues, content providers and developers to send personalized high-value content to enhance their users' mobile devices.
    The Gimbal beacons, which support the iOS platform out of the box with an accompanying SDK come in two different sizes that are accurate down to one foot both indoors and outdoors. The Series 10 beacons cost as little as $5 while the larger Series 20 beacons start at $10. Individual iBeacon-compatible beacons from other companies are more expensive at approximately $100 for three.

    With iOS support, Qualcomm’s Gimbal proximity beacons will be indistinguishable from Apple’s iBeacons to end users, giving merchants and retailers a suitable alternative to Apple’s technology. That being said, the Cupertino California company does have an edge as iPhones and iPads can potentially be configured as both iBeacon receivers and transmitters, skirting the need for a separate piece of hardware.

    It was only a matter of time before others started to join the proximity beacon bandwagon and Qualcomm seems to be one of the first on board following Apple.

    Source: Qualcomm (Press Release), TechCrunch
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