• Apple Believed to Be Planning WWDC 2011 for June 5-9

    Apple is believed to be planning for its annual Worldwide Developer's Conference to take place June 5th - 9th at the familiar stomping grounds of San Francisco's Moscone West. Reason for the newfound suspicion is rooted in a cryptic "Corporate Meeting" presently scheduled on the Moscone event calendar for the aforementioned dates.

    Not only is the Moscone West facility where Apple is fond of holding its WWDC, such mysterious calendar listings have frequently - but not always - proven to be Apple's annual event in disguise. In recent weeks, there's been even more talk about the 2011 WWDC than in recent years because many believe that 2011's WWDC will be the time and place for Apple to introduce the iPhone 5.

    At last year's WWDC (which spanned June 7- 11) at Moscone West, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs delivered our long-awaited first (official) glimpse of the iPhone 4. So if you're betting on tradition, it may be a safe bet that Apple will yield the floor at WWDC 2011 to the fifth generation Apple smartphone.

    Apple Insider
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