• Square Enix Releases Original Tomb Raider Game for iOS

    On Tuesday, Square Enix released the original Tomb Raider 1 game from 1996 on the iOS platform for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

    The developers of the game note that the game is untouched and un-edited from the original release, but it does include two additional chapters that were included in the game's 1998 re-release that were not available in the game's original 1996 release. Altogether, the developer estimate that the game will give a player around 15 hours of gameplay.

    The game also supports third-party game controllers like the Logitech PowerShell and MOGA Ace Power, but you can opt to use the touch screen controls if you don't have either of these.

    In Tomb Raider, you play as the adventurer named Lara Croft in both the lost city of Atlantis and the pyramids of Egypt. There is a ton of exploration to be had, acrobatic gunplay to be played, and a ton of lethal predators to be combated.

    Tomb Raider is available right now in Apple's iOS App Store for just 99 via this App Store link. Grab it while it's hot!

    Sources: App Store
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