• iOS 4.3 Beta Teases Possible Apple TV Gaming Platform

    While commonly thought of as little more than a "hobby" to Apple, the living room is becoming an increasingly important target for Cupertino's product development aims. Given the explosion in popularity of the Apple TV and rampant speculation about Apple entering the connect-flatscreen TV business, it seems as though Apple is gearing up for an even bigger push into the living room than anyone had previously thought possible.

    According to the folks at Engadget, who were on the receiving end of an anonymous provider of iOS 4.3 beta 3 code snippets, Apple may be planning to launch an Apple TV gaming platform in the near future. In particular, two strings of code, "com.apple.appletv.play.live.thunder" and "com.apple.appletv.play.archive.thunder" suggest that Cupertino is getting serious about gaming. As a result, if video game support comes to the Apple TV, it could prove a game changer for the video gaming industry as we presently know it.

    Suspicions of Apple entering the video game industry date back two years, however, when an unearthed Apple patent appeared to indicate that Apple TV owners would be allowed to engage in causal gaming on the original version of the Apple TV. The hugely successful September refresh of the set-top box has apparently also restored the company's desire to explore new gaming opportunities for users. Naturally, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have nothing to worry about immediately. But Apple's prospective foray into the video game market will, indeed, exert pronounced influence on the entire gaming market. And Apple rarely does anything without the intention of becoming a major player in its chosen field.

    * UPDATE

    Following Engadget's initial report, which spread like wildfire across the tech blogosphere, Jay Freeman (Saurik) weighed in on the matter, effectively debunking in his infinite wisdom some of which was contained in the reports. "Engadget seriously believes that 'ATVGamesStandingsController' has to do with physical game controllers as opposed to model-view-controller," he tweeted earlier Thursday, later adding: "Based on the snippet Engadget put in their article, /my/ guess is that Apple is adding something like 'NBA playoff schedule' to the AppleTV."

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