• Apple's New 2013 Mac Pro Gets its First Software Update, EFI Version 2.0

    Thursday afternoon, just hours after the new 2013 U.S.A.-made Mac Pro was released on Apple’s online store, the new Mac Pro received its first software update.

    The software update is an EFI update, and brings the EFI up to version 2.0. According to Apple's Support Web page, the update improves the reliability of the new Mac Pro system during reboots, resolves an issue with the memory self-tests, and improves the graphics power management when using Bootcamp.

    Being that this is an EFI update, the installation will require a reboot, so it is recommended that you save all of your progress in everything that you're doing before letting the machine turn off and then turn back on again so you don't lose any data.

    The update is recommended for all users of the new 2013 Mac Pro, so when you're ready to install it, you will find the update under the Updates tab in the Mac App Store, or under the Software Update option from the  menu in the Menu Bar.

    Sources: Apple
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    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
      this isn't a good sign
    1. Checksum47's Avatar
      Checksum47 -
      How can anyone have ANY progress when it appears they are releasing a major patch on the same day they begin selling the machine???
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