• China Mobile Deal No Longer Seen as 'Imminent'

    Could this really be the Apple story almost every major news outlet and industry source got wrong?

    From the Wall Street Journal in the U.S., to the largest tech and financial pubs across Asia, everyone expected by now the confirmation of a deal between Apple and China Mobile that would introduce the iDevice maker's products to subscribers of the world's largest mobile operator.

    But as the month (and year) rapidly draw to conclusion, no iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch is expected this weekend (as scores of outlets predicted in recent weeks). But why?

    Although portrayed as a done deal, China Mobile says that it is still in talks with Apple about carrying the iPhone.
    On Thursday, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average raced back toward all-time highs, shares of AAPL on NASDAQ continued to sell off. And with each passing day, selling pressure could intensify among antsy investors without a concrete China Mobile deal announced.

    However, a number of prominent analysts, including Wells Fargo's Maynard Um, consider the China Mobile news a "non-issue." Um, for example, believes it's inevitable that Apple and China Mobile will secure a long term deal. Although it didn't happen on the global media's anticipated time table, it's still going to happen, the analyst says.

    Source: CBS News
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