• Apple's Recent Acquisition Spree in Focus

    If Apple could make acquisitions anonymously, they all but certainly would. Rarely if ever offering elaborate comment on the companies it purchases, Apple plays each purchase close to the chest. As a result, the shallow headlines confirming new acquisitions - usually offering little more detail than the name of the company purchased - don't stand out in our minds. And so it's easy to forget just how many companies Apple has purchased lately.

    On Friday, a comprehensive report from BusinessWeek put Apple's recent spending splurge into perspective.

    Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said in October that Apple bought 15 companies in the fiscal year that ended in September, compared with five known acquisitions in the previous one.
    Not surprisingly, Apple declined an invite to comment on BusinessWeek's story. But that doesn't change the fact that reporters can count. And the tally of Apple's recent shopping spree is clear for all to see below.

    The real question, however, is what will Apple do with these companies and their respective resources?

    "Although the broader implications of the purchases remain to be seen, some shore up areas where Apple wants to improve, from search and mapping software to semiconductors," the report reads.

    To peruse the full report from BusinessWeek, click here.

    Source: BusinessWeek
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