• Snapchat for iOS Updated with a Slew of New Features

    The popular photo and video messaging service, Snapchat, recently released an update to its iOS app, bringing a slew of new features including “smart filters” and the ability to replay one snap per day. Version 6.1 of Snapchat is a substantial update that offers a set of new features built to enhance and reinvigorate the user experience.

    The most meaningful addition is the Replay feature which allows users to replay a single snap per day one time. For example, if a friend were to send an especially interesting video snap, the recipient is now able to view it for a second time before it is gone forever. It should be noted that the Replay feature doesn’t bring Snapchat any closer in function to apps such as Instagram or Vine, as the re-viewing limit is prohibitive. Users can think of the feature as more of a second chance than an extension of snap viewing time.

    As far as smart filters go, these new overlays provide users the option to add rich information to their snaps including time, temperature and speed at which the device was moving when the snap was taken. Smart filters can be selected by swiping to the right and left after taking a snap. In addition, three conventional filters come with the update including black and white, sepia and vintage.

    Last but not least is a front facing flash, which now illuminates a device’s screen for better night time shots, while users can add up to seven people to their “best friends” menu. All functions are accessible via the app’s Settings menu under Additional Services.
    Those of you interested in downloading Snapchat 6.1 can download the 8.6 MB download from the App Store for free.

    Source: iTunes
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