• Mac App Store Welcomes First Official Microsoft Application

    On Monday, we covered Apple's increasingly close relationship with rival Samsung as a prime example of how modern mobile technologies make for strange bed fellows. Another appropriate illustration of this commonplace reality surfaced again today, as Microsoft formally unveiled it's first official application for the Mac App Store.

    Wednesday marked the release of the Windows Phone 7 Connector application, an official Microsoft production that makes it possible - and relatively simple, to sync content between WP7 devices and Mac OS X computers. In terms of a first application on OS X, it's not an unimpressive debut for Microsoft, which continues to ramp up its competitive aim at Apple and, in particular, the iPhone.

    The app (2.6MB download) requires a Windows Phone 7 device (any carrier will do) or your Zune HD, and, as expected, a computer running Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher. The syncing feature outlined above is pretty comprehensive (although you can't sync calendars and contacts) and works very smoothly. As mentioned, the Windows Phone 7 Connector syncs a variety of multimedia - from music to pics - between your WP7 mobile device and your Mac. You can even upload to your WP7 phone the music you've downloaded from iTunes.

    Windows Phone 7 Connector application is available now in the Mac App Store.

    Windows Phone 7 Connector (iTunes link)
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