• CTIA Launches Website to Show Mobile App Data Usage

    A new website and corresponding service was recently rolled out by the CTIA (the Wireless Association) with intent to inform mobile device users about app data use and their impact on wireless data plans. The CTIA’s KnowMyApp.org website allows users to estimate an app’s data usage before they download, a service that is likely welcome to those who have pricy wireless contracts.

    Although tools capable of measuring an app’s data use after downloading have been around for quite some time, the new site is the first to offer estimated information prior to download according to the CTIA. Users visiting the site can search for specific apps to find estimated data use and impact to data plans ranging from 300 MB to 4 GB per month.
    For example, the music streaming service, Pandora for iOS, averaged roughly 2526.57 MB per month, which represents 842% of a 300 MB plan, 246% of a 1 GB plan and 61% of a 4 GB plan. In this particular case, the testing system estimated one-day usage as a compilation of three sessions, each including the following actions: Viewing the Feed, Profile, Settings, create a new station, play 5 songs, delete station.”

    The KnowMyApp was developed by product testing and certification firm, Intertek and created by the CTIA’s Application Data Usage Working Group, which includes several industry giants such as Apple, Microsoft, and all three major US wireless carriers. In practice, the tool helps generate app information by testing against a benchmark that taps into AT&T’s application Resource Optimizer, a diagnostic system that tracks network data.

    It should be noted that the site is currently limited to the top 50 free and paid apps on Apple’s iOS App Store and the Google Play Android app store. In addition to the app-specific information, users can also learn about general data use and conservation. The CTIA mentioned that KnowMyApp also seeks to help developers create more efficient apps and invites them to submit their wares for testing via Intertek Testing Services.

    Source: PC World
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