• LG Electronics Testing a Swipe-Based Fingerprint Sensor to Compete with Apple

    LG Electronics is supposedly testing a prototype version of the next generation of its flagship G-series smartphones that will allegedly include a swipe-based fingerprint sensor. This technology would be in an effort to counter the Touch ID capability of Apple’s iPhone 5S. It’s the so-called “G3” from LG which is said to be testing the feature according to a recent report from The Korea Herald. The next-gen handset is reportedly expected to debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, scheduled for February of 2014.

    Unlike Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the iPhone 5S home button which allows a user to simply place their finger on the scanner, LG’s method “would likely come as a swipe fingerprint sensor” according to the report. This would suggest that LG has been unable to replicate the patented, unique fingerprint scanning technology that Apple acquired in its purchase of the security firm AuthenTec.

    Another report also cited an unnamed source who indicated that Apple plans to bring Touch ID to a “broader range of its products, including smartphones and tablet PCs.” For those of you who didn’t already know, Touch ID debuted on the iPhone 5S in September, but was not added to Apple’s late 2013 iPad lineup, leaving the feature exclusive to the company’s flagship smartphone for the time being.

    LG’s rumored “G3” smartphone is reportedly expected to include Google’s Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system as well as a “Quad HD” display and a 2.2-gigahertz octa-core processor. The report also mentions that LG is in the middle of developing a wearable smart watch and health and fitness wrist band that will sync to the “G3,” and those devices are also rumored to debut at the Mobile World Congress event. It should also be noted that LG isn’t the same company as LG Display, which is an independent company that is also one of Apple’s key suppliers, providing high-res panels for the iPhone and iPad.

    We’ll have to wait and see how LG’s technology compares to that of Apple.

    Source: The Korea Herald
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    1. zeroskater61's Avatar
      zeroskater61 -
      Wow what I would give to have a swipe to unlock feature on my phone!!

      oh wait I already do along with a bunch of other ppl with smartphones.

      I get that's it's going to be just a one button feature at least I think so, but wouldn't it be like your still swiping your finger across the screen? so I really don't get the point??
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      yeah, sounds like a gimmick. Everyone swipes to open a smart phone these days. Why make it harder by needing my finger print too? Sounds like you would have to swipe much slower for the swipe/finger recognition software to even recognize your phone. Slower access to a phone these days is not moving forward..just saying.
    1. BhadKarma's Avatar
      BhadKarma -
      Swipe id... Sounds space wasting and issue encountering. The touch Id apple has is kinda dumb even. I think the sensor should be on the back of the phone... Or even the side of it somehow.. And the screen utilized fully with tiny'est bevels....(Oh ya....Plus wider screen...big hands... Needs bigger screen then average people.)
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