• Apple Working on Smart Bezels, Live and Reconfigurable MacBooks

    Patently Apple is reporting two discovered Patents having to do with two similar technologies that Apple may be in the midst of working on for their next generation of products.

    The first is of a "Smart Bezel" technology, presumably for the iPad and, that would give the bezel invisible controls. The displays do not have home button, interestingly enough. The idea here would be that controls typically performed by buttons would be accessed via gestures and finger swipes. On top of this, Apple talks in the patent that this bezel would be live and reconfigurable on the MacBook, making the future MacBook pack on not only a touchscreen, but one that could work best for a specific user.

    Another patent reveals Apples plans further, stating that Apple is working on adding touch capabilities to other surfaces, such as metal. Obviously these ideas are for products for long into the future, but these seem like feasible ideas for the near future, and build off of successes and breakthroughs that Apple has already had in the advancement of touch surfaces for digital products. It should be noted that this is not the first time Apple has published patents for touch-screen capable Macs, and even though Apple is getting the patent does not mean this technology will ever see the light of day. For now, we'll wait and see.

    Patently Apple
    image: Patently Apple
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