• China Mobile Reportedly Receives 100,000 Pre-Orders for Apple's iPhone in 2 Days

    Although the iPhone won’t officially launch on China Mobile until January 17, the world’s largest carrier has already begun accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5S and 5C. In terms of numbers, analysts from Wedge Partners place the pre-order figure at around 100,000 for the first two days of availability.

    Although this is certainly a sizeable figure, it is worth nothing that it is less than the number of pre-orders racked up by smaller carriers China Unicom (which was at 120,000) and China Telecom (which was at 150,000) when they took pre-orders for the devices back in September, as well as a tiny fraction of the overall 763 million customer base of China Mobile.

    That being said, before people start to panic, it is worth noting two things. First of all, these early figures are based on a single estimate, so they may be inaccurate. Secondly, the iPhone 5S and 5C are two months old now, which means the phones typically aren’t as sought out after as they were before. Coupled with the fact that China Mobile isn’t offering any substantial savings, nothing really sets it apart from its rivals.

    According to Wedge Partners, China Mobile’s iPhone subsidies are similar to China Telecom’s and slightly higher than China Unicom’s. One thing’s for sure though, Apple’s continued expansion in Asia is going to be something we will continue to hear a lot of over the next year or two.

    Source: AllThingsD
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