• Apple's RTB Efforts May Spell Trouble for Ad Industry

    As first reported late in 2013, Apple is said to be building a real-time bidding (RTB) platform in order to sell ads through iAds. As of this writing, no specifics are known. But with Apple's intentions clear, the consequences could soon be felt.

    Apple, as we know, hosts a variety of products and services within its ecosystem. With all of these devices and services largely accessible with one unified login, Apple could conceivably forgo cookie-tracking methods since consumer information is easily made available by merely being logged into any one of these devices or services.

    According to a recent RTBlog report, Apple's tight ecosystem could be creating “walled gardens.” Neustar’s vice president of media and advertising, Dave Helmreich, is concerned about this possibility and the headaches it may create for brands and agencies.

    “They’ll have to create separate campaigns with separate tools and separate capabilities,” Helmreich warns. “Without measurement, we could be brought back to the dark ages of digital advertising, when you had to buy direct from publishers and there were absolutely no accurate ways to measure success.”

    Source: RTBlog
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    1. REMED1AL's Avatar
      REMED1AL -
      People always give attitude towards advertising and honestly I don't get it. Right now I see and ad this page for;

      - An advertising on iOS and Android company which I don't need for any reason
      - An anime arcade game which I'd never play
      - A Levenger pen I'd never buy
      - A fatigue website which I'd never go to as I don't take medical advice online
      - And, finally an AT&T to which I have Sprint, am under contract still, and AT&T is the last option I'd pick

      Personally I'd rather see ads with something I want and a tool that makes that happen makes sense to me. Also, I rather not see ads for things I've already bought. That is one of the most pointless part of current tracking. I bought a cheap tablet for a Christmas gift exchange and still see ads for the same cheap tablet. I bought some parts for my 1966 Mustang and see ads for the very same parts. Ads right now are far from intuitive and are often flat out wrong. Yet, since I see it the company paid for it and if I accidentally click one the company pays more for it.

      I see Apple's bid system being a good thing. They know my music, movies, games and other products I use but aren't small minded enough to only offer me the same stuff I've already viewed or even bought. Also they can be super selective about their targets and a company will pay for a very specific market and get great results.

      Advertising now is like a dating site pairing a elderly Japanese businessmen with an teenage Alaskan hippie. Just doesn't work and doesn't make sense.
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