• Apple Stores Receiving Sealed Pallets of New Products as Soon as Monday

    The evidence is really starting to pile up that Apple is about to release new MacBook Pro models later this week. Over the weekend Apple started informing some of its European retailers that they would be receiving sealed pallets of new products, as soon as Monday. Retailers were then told that the sealed pallets were not to be tampered with until an official announcement came from Apple. Any dealers caught opening these shipments beforehand could have their reseller licenses revoked by Apple. Monday is a holiday in the US, so these shipments will most likely go out on Tuesday here instead.

    Recently, international Apple Stores have had ship times for MacBook Pros as long as 4 days. Now, the Apple Store in the U.S. show shipping delays of 3-5 business days for all MacBook Pro models. In the past, dwindling stocks indicate new product refreshes are right around the corner. Apple usually releases new products on Tuesdays, but all indications point to a Thursday release date instead. It is worth noting, however, that Thursday February 24, is also Apple CEO, Steve Jobs 56th birthday. I bet I know what he’s getting for his birthday this year.

    In the past, Apple has had its freight carriers deliver new products days or even just hours before and official announcement. These shipments are often covered up with black plastic and sealed with tape reading “Apple Confidential.” The image above shows a concealed pallet from 2005 of new Power Mac about to be released. Shipping container such as this one are most likely on trucks heading for you local Apple reseller as this very moment (at the time of this writing). If you’ve been patiently waiting for the annual MacBook Pro refresh, then it looks like you won’t have to wait much longer.

    Source: AppleInsider
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