• Okidokeys is the Latest Smart Lock Seeking to Replace the Deadbolt

    Openways, a company which makes smartphone-controlled door locks for hotels has recently announced its first home door lock system. Once fitted, users will be able to unlock their front door from their iPhone (or Android headset) via Bluetooth. The product, named Okidokeys, is also compatible with RFID chips, allowing you to open locks with a keycard or wristband in case your phone battery dies.

    As one would expect from such advanced technology, you can also manage access and accounts online as well. One thing that is pretty cool about the product is that you can create an account for someone like a cleaner which restricts access to certain days or hours. Furthermore, you can also open the lock remotely for someone who may be locked out.

    The price range of the locks start at $179 with pre-orders available later this month for delivery in the spring. It will be competing with a growing range of smartphone-controlled locks this year. Those of you who are sold on the product can pre-order it for $199, with shipping expect to start in spring.

    Source: The Verge
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