• Hush-Hush Apple Retail Employee Meeting Rumored for Weekend

    Apple is reportedly planning a top-secret meeting among its retail employees this weekend. Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore.com says the meeting is so sensitive in nature that retail employees are currently in the process of signing non-disclosure agreements ahead of this weekend's pow-wow.

    Individuals privy to the unfolding events inside Apple report that the push for non-disclosure signatures began in earnest yesterday. While such practices are not uncommon, it is believed that Apple retail employees unwilling or unable to sign the form will be excluded from the meetings taking place across the Apple retail store landscape, most likely, this weekend. Despite initial speculation that the meeting was originally scheduled for last weekend, it now appears that such reports were premature.

    So what's this hush-hush meeting all about? Understandably, there is a large basket full of possible reasons for the employee meeting. We're hearing what others - including our friends at Apple Insider - have also heard today. Most likely, the scheduled meeting will revolve around a new in-store initiative or service, rather than a new product. Of course, when it comes to Apple, no idea can ever be removed from the table, particularly given the influx of reports we've seen this week that a "product event" is in the works and may be formally announced at any time.

    Source: ifoAppleStore
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