• Apple Opening Retail Store 300 Miles South of the Arctic Circle

    Some of the hottest gadgets in mobile technology are headed for one of the coldest places on earth. According to information gathered by ifoAppleStore, Apple is planning to open a retail store at the Fifth Avenue Mall in Anchorage, Alaska. This store will become the northern-most Apple store in existence, only 320 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

    According to the original tip, the fit-out is underway inside the former Eddie Bauer space on the second level of the downtown mall.
    For months, speculation has swirled about a forthcoming Apple store in Alaska, a state in which there are presently no Apple retail outlets. But with the addition of the Anchorage facility, yet another name can be checked off the list of states that still lack an Apple store. Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming are still without an Apple store to call their own.

    Construction schedules at the Anchorage site suggest the store will open in September. The property, however, will not be a grand structure by comparison to other Apple stores in the hopper around the world. As MMi reported earlier this week, Apple's biggest retail ventures are presently planned for China, where the new Shanghai store may soon become Apple's busiest and most lucrative.

    Source: ifoAppleStore
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