• New iMacs Soon After MacBook Pro Refresh?

    With the new MacBook Pros allegedly arriving at Apple Retail locations this week, preparing for a Thursday launch, new reports today are suggesting that Apple's desktop line will also be getting a refresh in the very near future.

    The report, first announced by DigiTimes states that the iMac revision is near completion and even makes reference to a small chance that the iMacs will be revised alongside the new MacBook Pro. This seems unlikely at this point, as this is the first time most of us are hearing this rumor.

    It should be pointed out that the MacBook Pros are long overdue for an update. It has been almost a year since these notebooks have seen a hardware revision, but the iMac line, based on the MacRumors buyers guide, is just now reaching a spot where updates would be likely.

    It seems extremely unlikely that we'll see new iMacs this week, but I do think it might be possible that we'll see the iMac updated relatively soon, especially if the rumored 'new technology' is Intel's LightPeak technology. Apple may have incentive to put this technology on as many devices as they can, most likely as soon as possible.

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