• Apple Accelerates Hiring at Oregon Data Center

    New job listings on the Apple website indicate that hiring is accelerating at the company's Oregon data center.

    As MMi first reported in April of 2012, Apple spared no expense in creating this particular data center, which would absorb a handsome portion of the iDevice maker's cash reserves - roughly $250 million according to early estimates.

    Located on 160 acres of Apple-controlled land, Apple has pledged from the start to create jobs in the region with its presence. The latest openings are for two Data Center Maintenance Technicians and one Data Center Chief Engineer.

    The 338,000-square-foot data center remains under construction and hiring is expected to pick up further in the months ahead. With rumors rampant that Apple may acquire and develop more land at this particular Oregon location, many local government officials are optimistic that new job creation will persist well into the future.

    Source: Apple (via MacRumors)
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    1. Feanor64's Avatar
      Feanor64 -
      Lol 3 jobs? That's a joke. That's acceleration? The real story is that Apple is helping the government gain access to iPhones private data. That's the real reason for a Oregon data center. I think we need to raise money here on modmyi to send you, THE Michael Essany, up there and stake out the place! Please get yourself captured so I don't have to read more articles like this.
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