• Final Cut Update Coming Spring 2011

    Tech Crunch is reporting that they have news from their own source saying that Apple is in the process of updating its Pro Movie Application, Final Cut Pro. It has been more than a year since Final Cut Pro has been updated by Apple, and video professionals have been barking about an update. We've heard rumors of a 2011 release before, but this seems like harder evidence.

    The report states that according to Tech Crunch's "very own people," Apple has been working with select video professionals on Apple's campus in order to preview the latest update to the software. The report mentions that the update will be the "biggest overhaul to Final Cut Pro since the original version was created over 10 years ago."

    It seems that the upgrade to Final Cut will be a massive one. If the report is true, users will see not only architectural changes, but also massive user interface changes and many new and updated features. That most certainly means the product will be 64-bit.

    Reports from the sources on Apple's campus are that this update is both "dramatic and ambitious" and removes any speculation that Apple was drifting away from professional creative software (Steve Jobs himself helped alleviate that fear) It appears that without any major hurdles, the product should see an official release this Spring.

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