• Apple Releases FaceTime for Mac With a $0.99 Price Tag

    Earlier today Apple released FaceTime 1.0 for Mac, available now in the Mac App Store, with a new $0.99 price tag. What seems to have been a free app during beta stages, has not been officially taged with a price.

    Macworld's Dan Moren, says that the charge is due to accounting requirements. Apple claims there is nothing abnormal about this charge, and reminds us of the 801.11n update that cost $2.

    Apple generally stands by its notion that when new features are added as such, they have the power to tag a price to it. According to Apple, this is a substantial new feature addition, however I don`t buy it. Video calling is NOT a new feature. Sure its FaceTime, but this technology has been around for years. If they really wanted a reason to charge $0.99, say it's because of the addtion of HD quality video. (Yes this newest update adds HD video quality)

    Ironically, the new MacBook Pros released today will actually come loaded with a FaceTime app free of charge. Why free? Simply because the packaging and information detail FaceTime as being part of the Mac itself.

    What is your thought? Yeah it's only $1.00 but does this seem right to you? I'll stick to Skype for now, as it allows you to "FaceTime" from iDevice to PC no problem. And it's free!

    FaceTime on the Mac App Store
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