• Apple Pulls MobileMe From Online Store

    MobileMe has gone missing from Apple's online store. As a result, Apple has allegedly started telling third-party resellers that the folks in Cupertino have discontinued the $99 boxed versions of MobileMe. The development comes as Apple debuts no shortage of intriguing new offerings. As Paul covered this morning, Thursday brought with it a refreshed MacBook Pro model range, delivering updated "Sandy Bridge" Intel Core processors, AMD Radeon graphics, Thunderbolt I/O, and more.

    The disappearance of the paid version of MobileMe, however, suggests that another longstanding rumor may be on the verge of proving correct. As it stands, Apple is believed to be readying MobileMe as a free service rooted in cloud-based digital lockers for one's multimedia. Heightening speculation toward this eventuality, during yesterday's annual Apple shareholders meeting, Apple revealed that its massive $1 billion North Carolina-based data center is about to come online - a reality that would expedite the rumored plans to send MobileMe to the clouds.

    As always, any suspicion of Apple doing something in the clouds should be taken with a grain of salt. We all know that Apple has allegedly been readying a cloud-based iTunes service for as long as anyone can remember. We're yet to see the fruits of Apple's suspected labor on that front. But if MobileMe, in fact, does become a cloud-based service in the coming weeks, there may finally be reason to think that iTunes will follow closely thereafter.

    Source: Apple (MobileMe product not found)
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