• Potential Hack-Proof PS3 Rumor Sparks Interesting Jailbreak, Piracy Debate

    Earlier today our friends at Crunch Gear ran with a story that, while based on a rumor, has sparked an interesting debate about the future of technology as it pertains to the intensifying crackdowns on hacking, jailbreaking, and the larger underlying issue of piracy. According to the report in question, Sony is said to be actively entertaining plans to introduce a so-called "hack-proof" PS3.

    Could it be done? Probably. Will it? No clue. But it certainly would appear that hack-proof technology is poised to become a paramount aim of major mobile and gaming tech firms - like Apple. At a time when Sony is spending good money to bring down the man we know as Geohot through the legal system, it's safe to say that companies mean business - more so now than ever - when it comes to curbing piracy and software hacking/modding.

    Exactly how Sony would make this new PS3 “hack-proof” is anyone’s guess. The fact is there’s no such thing on this planet as “hack-proof,” but that’s not to say Sony couldn’t implement new security measures that would take a long time to circumvent. Let’s not forget that it took nearly four years for the PS3 to be cracked. At the same time, any new “hack-proof” PS3 would naturally attract plenty of attention, so who knows how long it would remain “hack-proof”?
    Between the growing anti-piracy lobby attempting to sway the support of lawmakers around the world, to newer and harder to crack software and corresponding technologies, it's evident that life will not be made easy for hackers in the future, even those who don't engage in rampant piracy. While the extent to which companies may ultimately go this year to curb hacking is anyone's guess, the efforts by Sony - no matter the outcome - are clearly poised to set the stage for much bigger anti-hacking battles down the road.

    Source: Crunch Gear
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