• iOSTracker.NET - View consolidated.db Location Info in Windows

    After the recent (or not?) news Apple is tracking your iDevice's every move, devs Alasdair Allan and Pete Warren made a nice OS X app called iPhoneTracker which allowed you to view said info from your Mac.

    Developer Tom Zickel (jailbreakers know him as db42, author of tweaks such as SBSchedule, SnapTap, and SpringSorter - he's also on Twitter as @icebreak) has just released a Windows program called iOSTracker.NET which allows you to view this info on your Windows computer as well now. Here's his description for it:

    iOSTracker.Net displays the recorded location information from your iOS 4 Devices Backups on your computer that were done by iTunes.
    This program is inspired by iPhoneTracker for Mac OS X and uses OpenHeatMap for displaying the locations on the OpenStreetMap infastructure.
    iOSTracker.Net was coded by Tom Zickel (@icebreak).
    No location information is recorded by the app itself, nor is it transmitted anywhere, the map downloads locally OSM map tiles and 2 JavaScript scripts and a Flash applet.
    You can download the program for your Windows computer at Zickel's page for it, http://tom.zickel.org/iostracker.
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