• Potentially Leaked "iOS in the Car" Images Show Software Design Evolution

    The popular app developer, Steven Troughton-Smith recently posted a number of images on Twitter that appear to show Apple’s upcoming iOS in the Car interface. The files may have been bundled into the recently released iOS 7.1 beta 4 but it’s unclear how the images were obtained. The images show a simple iOS 7-style Maps design. Troughton-Smith declined to comment on the origin of the images but they do seem legit.

    Originally introduced alongside iOS 7, the upcoming iOS in the Car feature is designed to provide enhance iOS integration in automobiles, offering an iOS-style interface on the car’s touchscreen dash that allows users to make phone calls, access Maps, control music and more. As shown in the screenshots, the software even includes a warning screen like most typical GPS software. It also has a home screen and an area for bookmarks.

    It should be noted that the images provided Troughton-Smith appear to be quite different from those that have been provided by Apple in marketing materials but this could also be due to an evolution of the software’s development.

    On Apple’s iOS 7 website, iOS in the Car is listed as “Coming soon” with the company giving little to no information as to when it might make an appearance in cars. In mid-2013, Cook said that iOS in the Car was an “important part of the [Apple] ecosystem” and a “key focus.”

    Many car manufacturers have expressed interest in including iOS in the Car in their 2014 models including Audi, BMW, Acura, Chevrolet, Honda and more. Although Honda has included new Honda Link connectivity in its newly released models and several car manufacturers have implemented support for last year’s Siri Eyes Free, cars with full support for iOS in the Car have yet to be released. Specific iOS in the Car settings have been found in the second iOS 7.1 beta, leading some to believe that iOS in the Car support could possibly be a feature bundled into iOS 7.1. Currently in its fourth beta iteration, it is unknown when iOS 7.1 will be released to the public.

    Source: Steven Troughton-Smith (Twitter) via MacRumors
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    1. WHUDS's Avatar
      WHUDS -
      2014 or 2015 cars since 2014 cars have already been out
    1. quidam_brujah's Avatar
      quidam_brujah -
      Ppppfpfpt! If Apple released it yesterday you're still going to waiting in 2015 in a car -- more like 2016. At least from Chevrolet or BMW/MINI. Apple came out with the iPhone 5 in Sept 2012 and BMW/MINI owners waited nearly a year for an in-console adapter and are still waiting for a solution to their connectivity & media woes. They have three different adapters costing $250 each and if you want to get all of the advertised features out of the iPhone, iOS 7 and various apps (including BMW/MINIs own apps) to work with your car, good luck. Seems like the only working solution is to try two of the three and see what works best for you because message boards and forums are full of conflicting answers.

      Maybe once BMW/MINI gives in and lets 'iOS in the Car' commandeer some of the functionality, it will make things smoother. But it's probably going to cost you another $500 to get the option for the car (available only at the time of ordering) and will then be incompatible with whatever version of iOS you're running on your phone by the time they deliver. Car companies just don't seem to have caught on to all the tech stuff (compare OEM radios with aftermarket) and their solution seems to be just to offer BT connectivity and parry that that does it.
    1. KevinK15's Avatar
      KevinK15 -
      My understanding was this will work with cars that already have "ipod integration" such as Nissan. It already has access to view your music, so a bypass will be in the app to show imessage and maps. Your cars "talk" steering wheel button will access Siri. I don't think they are relying on people buying a 2015 model car.
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